Coals Were Kindled By It

12-31-2015 11:45pm

Like fire-crackers just lit, they set off, speeding in different directions into a silent indigo sky. There was no fire on their tails but there might as well have been for each of them felt like there were bright hot flames all over their bodies as they got used to constantly keeping their wings flapping. They were greeted by remnants of clouds and moon dust if you could call the silvery sparkles lining the cloud patches that. There was not much noise (although one expected to hear the crackling and sizzling of sparks, there was none). They did not speak to each other as they flew. Yet without speaking, the excitement was so palpable; it was as though they were all on stage with roles they had never imagined themselves in. They were free to be the characters they had only dreamed of being all their lives.

Although speechless, their movement was seamless. They soared round in circular motion until one of them took the lead and headed north. The rest instinctively followed their bold leader and thus they began flying in straight line. It was pure bliss to be up at heights that offered such a view and not be contained in a small seat by a small round window of an aircraft. The view was breath-taking. The swish-swish of the air in their ears was simply rejuvenating. Each of their world views was undergoing a transformation at the same speed at which they were traveling. And it would no more surprise the reader to learn that they were not only flying faster than aircraft but doing so at a lower altitude. They were not cold. Their feathery wings were doing an fantastic job of keeping healthy amounts of warmth pocketed close to their skin. The most fascinating detail of it all was that riding on the wind did not leave them out of breath. They were not weary. The leader made a quick maneuver to change his direction and was immediately followed by the flock behind him. He swooped round as though going down to the ground but shot back up. This time round, he flew with his wings perpendicular to the ground. He had gotten sense that the wind’s direction had changed as they had entered a more mountainous district. He flew straight up past the clouds and kept going. Their wings were clearly powerful and capable of surviving atrocious winds. After all, they were built for that, they were the wings of eagles.


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