Eyes For Angels

Have you ever asked
That you would see

If you didn’t
Turn to page 37
If you did
Stay right here

Would you desire to
Join them in their labor
Doing the Father’s bidding
Fighting a battle
Against adversaries
For perishing souls?

Did you ever wonder to
What is the Father’s heart?

You’re too busy
Traveling off to a far country
You’ll soon find

Are you back to
Where we are
On page 2?
Flip the chapters
Do you know your life as
A believer
Never really began
Your mouth is all over
A nipple
Not a single word about
The good news has left
Your throat
Rather you ask questions
Your boat
It rocks with
No need for waves

Before you drown
Go home son
The Father’s waiting
With open arms
This time do look
Look inside His chest
For what you’ll see is
The love that goes after one
When He has ninety-nine left

Dig deep
A love for nations
And deeper
It’ll open up your view
When you start to see like
And suddenly
you wouldn’t have
eyes for hotties
and eyes for fashion
and eyes for cars
and eyes for hair and for him and for her and for insta
You’d have flaming eyes
That burn with passion
That pray deliverance and salvation
For the nations
eyes that recognize a real celebration
The joining of a soul to heaven
Eyes for Angels.


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