No Water

She don’t drink water.

“Daddy please stop smoking”
She said when she was

“Mummy can I tell you what
At school today?”

So when they asked
If they could buy her a drank

She went

Now all she really wants
Is to sit all night
And talk

And touch
Pulled close
She never got any of that

Culture? Being a woman?

Love is worth licking
The bottom of the glass
If your tongue can get that far
Sweet, sticky

“Mummy, look”
But Mummy needs to think

Every sour drop
Must be replaced
With long lasting sugar

Her throat dry

He told her about his family without her asking
And his family asked him to tell her
He needs to be without her
They’re opposites

She introduces herself
And next she mentions
Rides, places, friends, food. Music.

“I know what I want, what I need
I just don’t like the taste of water.”


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