Compassed About

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,” Hebrews 12:1

08-13-2012 11:51pm. Atlanta, GA.

“Have you heard of gravity?”

Gravity, gravity, gravity, the word reverberated in Nana’s mind. “Ugh yes I have. From physics?”

The beaked creature continued, “Gravity affects all men. Mankind has tried to overcome her. They have studied gravity. They have understood her laws. They have written equations and calculated the force it exerts. They do know that the acceleration of objects due to gravity is constant for all matter. They have ascertained that gravity exists solely on planet Earth and no other planet. But to overcome her? Never. Many failed attempts and few short lived successes is all they can boast of. Gravity triumphs. So a mediocre number of men are able to travel to non-gravity regions in spaceships? And a slightly larger number outrun the gravitational force by kinetic aerodynamic forces when they travel in planes? So what? Gravity still flaws every man. Planes crash. Space missions have been aborted. Gravity wins in the end. Always.” The creature gave Nana what he guessed was supposed to be a smile. It was a quick open and close of his beak and a twitch to his right.

The devil was preaching. As the thought occurred to Nana, he wondered where it came from. He looked around for a voice. None. Who was the devil? The penguin? “It’s too cold here,” he stuttered, his teeth were virtually shaking. “I’d like to go home now, thanks.”

“Home?” a wicked laugh erupted from the penguin. “How ya gonna get home?” The black and white bird sounded American one moment and then Italian the next. “Can ya fly? I’m bout to take a swim. I’m feeling some typa way.” The amplitude of his voice grew as he spoke so that his last word- “way”, thundered and echoed.

Nana was beginning to feel tortured. He turned around to look for a way of escape. All around him was ice, the sun was nowhere in sight. Blueish whitish ice was all over structures that looked like trees. The ground was ice and even the majestic tapestry far above their heads looked like it was full of ice. He could not call it a sky for it had no clouds, no sun and it seemed more opaque than anything else. Clearly he was trapped.

The penguin had huge webbed feet and it began to its way towards an icy lake, the only thing moving in their habitat. The lake moved in a jerky manner, the ice slushed around in very little icy cold water. Before Nana knew it, the penguin was gone. He lifted up his arms and wailed.


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