Slow Dance

Have you seen birds
Doing a mating dance?
It’s the prettiest thing
They take their time
Like usually i wanna take
But I get so caught up with you
I wanna get you here with me
But I end up going to you
If you won’t take the lead
I’ll hold out the reins for you
This time though
I see the beauty
In a

Slow dance
Your jokes
You tell em
And i finally find
Them hilarious
Two days later
I’m not tapping my
Feet. Impatient
I anticipate
Your every move
And I enjoy the breaks
The wait. The hide.
The graceful turn around.
Let’s be graceful

I’m spinning.
Just wait for me to stop.
I’m taking several
So I will have utmost precision.
Need my toes
Perfectly pointed
And my knees slightly bent
The more time we spend
The more beautiful the dance
And when we’re both ready
We’ll take off our masks.

Your hand is
And mine won’t budge
I love this seat of power
And I’m watching your feet glide
I play out stiff
Till your arm slips right through mine
And since you’re drawing nearer
We both look into a mirror
There’s enough time to be.
I remember to mention
the verse and the version.
And it keeps us
In time
In swing
And In perfect coordination
Till He spins us around
Into an
Ever after.
What if?


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