Ginger Ale


“Miss, what would you like?

We have erhh ginger-”
he pauses and she looks up and smiles.

she’s reminded of him
she’s got a longing for him
yes *passions, longings, emotions*
remember she’s still a

They chuckle.

She drinks 
from the well
 as well
 as the river
as well as her old favorite

She describes
What ails her
She says there’s something
Her deep-down-within
Isn’t right, isn’t satisfied.
So she needs a
Sparkling sweet fizzy.

Oh dear
We shoulda told you
Don’t sip.

He’s Living.

Is there a thirst this Water
Cannot subside?
Don’t be giving any
Money or attention elsewhere
Devote your
And gulp
And grab a jug
And fill a barrel
To the brim
And don’t let nothing else
Stir stir
Be filled with
Open your mouth wide
And then shut it.

she listens and glues her hands to the Cup so divine.

“Beg your pardon, water is fine,
and thank you sir.”


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