I don’t see a better time than now
When we’re not yet ashes
We don’t have nothing
And nothing else will mean
Anything to us
Except each other
Now when we can’t think
Because soon we will think
Now when we can press play
And nothing will rewind
Now when our hearts collide
And showers rain down
When kids will laugh
They will run and come
Let’s join hands
And hold each other
Let’s hold what life can give
Let’s no more say things like
Let’s have what we can have now
Tomorrow’s never more generous
Who’s kind?
The one who won’t withhold
The clouds are full
Did you notice we’re standing beneath
No need to tip toe
Bend your head, let’s kiss
The moment we step away
There’d be so much we missed
It’s speeding away
Our love
Grab it by the tail
Before the rest of the beasts join
Let’s cage down
Tell everyone
We made up our minds
And we want to drink
Our flaming hot
Indulgent Milky
Regardless of how it will burn our tongues
We’ll kiss the pain away
No more sips, no more stirring
The potion’s done. Leggo!
I simply do not want to grow old
And let all my love wax cold
Let’s kick
It’s past takeoff time
No need to walk down
An aisle
Let’s run
Beloveds. Lovers. Married. Joined.
The rings. The whole thing.
God’s putting together.
As one.
~wrote this and changed my mind soon after. The flesh says, “Now” but the fruit of the Spirit is patience. So much for feelings. We’ll wait for love.

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