“I feel like I’m 

walking on air”

we didn’t want to 
come back.
wrapped around
so tight
we wouldn’t
get air-sick
no turbulence
but a slow, sweet dip
“i think i’ve had 
in a good way
my lips could boast
they were bursting
from pleasure
yet my walk home
on a parachute
from a flight that had sunk deep
into sea and no one,
could be found
not even us.
*(the aero-ascending-upward-lifting eros feeling is all air).
“For I can hardly help regarding it as one of God’s jokes that a passion so soaring, so apparently transcendent, as Eros, should thus be linked in incongruous symbiosis with a bodily appetite which, like any other appetite, tactlessly reveals its connections with such mundane factors as weather, health, diet, circulation, and digestion. In Eros at times we seem to be flying; Venus gives us the sudden twitch that reminds us we are really captive balloons. It is a continual demonstration of the truth that we are composite creatures, rational animals, akin on one side to the angels, on the other to tom-cats.”
~C. S. Lewis, The Four Loves

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