Sharing Ears II

“please, you have to listen 
to this”
i broke his cd
i broke his heart
there were
too many sharps,
I couldn’t play that.
and when we feel, we must fall
 in love, 
we must fall in music,
the music must fall 
in us, we must find the music
and find love and
it must connect us,
perfect us,
find us.
he’s learned his scales.
*fist pump*
i thought we were sharing
but the tune stopped
I couldn’t feel a heartbeat.
i really couldn’t help it,
he sang for me.
we sang together. (I still have the dvds)
he played “orgasmically“.
i won’t change my mind 
about the feel in my ears
but I’ve gone ahead
I’ve changed
the feel in my heart.

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