to a friend

Here’s my drift. Please don’t be offended by my words.

First. What makes you think he wants you? Has he even said so or are you reading through his actions? Yes I know he’s mad smiley when he sees you and he jokes around and makes you laugh. He does make you laugh, because I’ve seen you around him and you’re also all smiles. So that probably makes him feel good so he keeps being loud and funny and cool and that keeps making you feel good and there we have it, it’s a chain reaction. But who else is he making laugh? Who else is he giving his attention to? Do you know for sure that it’s only you? How do you know? All these questions here are worth asking, not to make you skeptical and jealous but to help you to think clearly through your actions. Just so we can avoid surprises. Just so we don’t end up hearing he’s also seeing this and that and taking her out for lunch. Just so we don’t end up being confused and heart (sigh) broken. So did he tell you, he likes you?

Second. Now even if he did, how easy will he get you? How easy is it to find you? A virtuous woman is hard to find. Her price is high. How high is yours, my love? No one’s asking you to turn up your nose at every guy. But let’s open our Bibles here. Let’s remember words like “shamefacedness“. So maybe we could be a little bit more busy for God and not so available to hang whenever he asks?  What are you filled with? What’s on your mind 80% of the time? What are you about, Ma? If you’re about nothing and filled with nothing, anyone can take up your time and fill it. But we don’t want that. But no, you haven’t come this far for that. And even if you can’t sing, you can play an instrument. You can do so much with all God has given you. Still your heart. Get really quiet and hear what He longs to tell you. I’m positive what you need right now in your life is not a guy. And even if it is time for that, back off as much as you can and see how much he comes back for you. You must have no doubt in your heart how much you are wanted, before you let go of it. Okay? I love you, Ma. Don’t forget. Kisses.


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