Untitled. A BPP production

I wanna share a story with the world about one man who refused to eat and sleep till he built enough churches to light the world. The churches were coincidentally named Lighthouse Chapels, no mere coincidence however. The beauty of a lighthouse is that it just sits, silently and shines it light.

I invite you to join me, as I, over the next couple of months or years (God help me), walk you through, in no particular order, the makings and shapings of a ministry that has rocked the earth, crossed borders, pushed limits and extended its arms to unheard-of parts of the world, while igniting a fiery generation of laborers for the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s been light and fire.

I present to you, Untitled, Aviation Unknown to this Generation. I could literally come up with a trillion titles for this but I am struggling to stick with me. Bear with me. Anyway. Keep watching this space.


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