Bruh, I’m in Cali.

I swear the nuance of it is fading quickly.

Work has a way of making you feel extremely “everyday”. By “everyday” I mean, non-special and non-unique and as though you’ve been doing what you’re doing- getting up and driving in traffic to work and back, for a dozen years now. But I started a new job.

Breathe out.

I already feel the pressure of a busy work schedule. Am I imagining this? I hope.

I’ve still gotta write. I’ve still gotta write though. Viva La Black Paper Plane. This is one plane that will not be shot down and get lost in an Indian Ocean, never to be found again. It’s also one plane that will not go down carrying powerful ministers of God (may they rest in peace, amen). So if you’re still on this ship, say “Aye!”

Please forgive the EMO-tional shenanigans that have been riding these tracks. Yes, she’s been a train-wreck. What a waste of everyone’s time. [*Wipes sweat off brow*] Unfortunately I’m human. And even worse, I’m a female. So I get side-tracked. But the purpose of this blog is not to share heart-breaking emotional shenanigans with the world! NO! Woe is me if ALL I preach is my WORN-OUT LOVE STORIES. WOE. WOE. WOE.

Hehe. You can tell I’m excited as I write this. Can you tell though? Because I am.

Engine’s revving.

The good news is I think I’m back UP. Floating the right side up and ready to take flight.

I will not depress you with any more stories about how hard missions is (I had a couple more heart-wrenching posts on my journey to Cali and what that was like. For LATER). We have to get doing more. Doing more. Going deeper and doing more.

So henceforth, at least as long as I can keep things that way, I want to do two things:

dig and dive (land and earth, y’all feel me?!) as deep as I can into God’s word and breathe out the life I get from it on here. In lay man’s terms, I want to share more from the Bible strictly. Because the Bible is LIFE! Better than weed! LOL. Excuse the hype!


I want to commence yet another story which I feel is extremely Black Paper Plane worthy. It’s the Lighthouse story. I refuse to title it Lighthouse Story but the titles that have occurred to me are NOT rocking my boat: Those Who Fly, Those Who Shine, Those Who… and so on. It could also be titled Dag Heward-Mills and the Lighthouse (in the spirit of Harry Potter and the Blah-blah type series muhahaha) but who would want to read that? God help me. Title to come. It’ll hit me like lightning. For now, it’ll be a BlackPaperPlane production- Untitled.

So look out for it. I will not disappoint. I will not disappoint. I will not and I’m falling asleep and look out FOR MY STORY GUYS!

Btw. Cali is THE place to be.

Go Missions!


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