Her place. She does not know it.

See, on the nights when she’s sitting, hoping that he’d call. And she asks, “what are you up to?” and he’s watching some sport or the other. She doesn’t get it. She couldn’t get why he’d rather be practicing an instrument. Why he’d rather watch a game. Or play. When all she wants to do is spend time with him.

She acknowledges that she has a need. Multiple needs. She’s always on the lookout.

Does he have a need? Cause he doesn’t show it as much. He seems to be content. Working. Playing. Whatever he has his hands occupied with. So different.

She looks to him. Doe-eyed. She hangs on to his every word. And laughs hard at his jokes. And she imagines what forever would look like. With him.

She was of the opinion that he was made for her. So if he came into her life, he would make her feel loved. He would give himself. He would spend time on her. And want to do nothing else but be with her.

It’s not so though.

She begins to nag. She wants to tell him. Hammer it in. Give him her piece of mind. Let him know. Perhaps teach him, how she would like to be loved. Introduce the love languages and make sure he’s fluent. And try and change that man.

Forgetting that he’s a man. And she?

She’s a woman. Created from the sides of a man. Brought into the creation picture, because “it was not good for man to be alone.” Made to be a helper. Formed for his good. Designed for his companionship.

But she does not know her place.

She craves equality. But that was not her purpose.

She runs from serving. But this is her blessing.

She shrinks from submission. But she is not the head.

She helplessly clings to men because she feels she cannot be and she’s not much without them. She’s been cursed with a desire that she cannot understand.

She seeks fulfillment from the one she was brought to help in the first place. So blind to how powerful she is. So blind to how different she is, in how she thinks and how she feels and she understands things. The truth is, he might never understand this. The truth is, serving never made anyone inferior or weaker. And truth be told, desires can be controlled. Yes, you can have a life of your own and be happy. Without men.

If only she could find her place. If only she could focus on learning about that place and staying there.

If only she would want to stay being a Woman. Not an “equal-with-man” or an “incomplete-without-man”. And just be-


For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man.

Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.

1st Corinthians 11:8-9


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