Adelaide Baiden had decided to stay. She looked around the room she had just been ushered into. It was her first week at Legon University. Apparently, it was the week when the freshers were rushed for by the upperclassmen. September rush, was what they called it.

Very slowly and with much precaution as though she were scared of what lay beneath her, she made to sit down on one of the two beds in the room. First she arched her back, leaning forward, then she lowered herself, placed one hand down, then the other to hold herself before finally sinking in.

She was a bit worried. She had already seen party invitations from all over campus. She had met guys who talked so much, they made her head spin. She wondered if anything they said was sincere at all. She had heard all sorts of stories from her older sister, Nancy. They had left but a sour taste in her mouth about the university she had enrolled at.

Something told her to shrug it off. She was going to be fine. She didn’t have much of a problem making friends. She mentioned to them of course that she was a Christian. But they would wave that away, like it didn’t matter in the least. That pricked her conscience.

She hadn’t really done anything bad, anyway. And she wasn’t going to. No matter which party she might end up going for, she had resolved that she would not have a sip of alcohol. No. She shook her head at the thought.

Adelaide’s mother and father were staunch members of the Methodist church. Her mother was always teaching from the Bible to members of the church and to her household as well. So Adelaide was raised to know much better than drinking alcohol.

Wrinkling her nose as though she had smelled something foul, she noticed how quiet it was in the women’s hall. Where was everybody? Then she remembered Leslie. She was not sure what brought him to memory but her insides squirmed at the thought. Because since the day he saw her, he was always asking her to come with him somewhere and she wanted to! She was tired of giving excuses really. But he was not a Christian. He said he would come to church with her, if she wanted him to though. She chuckled.

The door burst open and a young lady with short hair, struggling to grasp all her belongings together barged in.

“Audrey?” Adelaide could not believe her eyes.

“Adelaide!” Audrey, being the drama queen that she was, dropped her things instantly and rushed over to Adelaide with open arms. Audrey’s purple sleeve went wet during their embrace. Audrey was Adelaide’s friend from high school and the truth was that just by the sight of her, Adelaide knew she had found hope for the rest of her first year.


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