Thigh Gap

Why does my lover
love me?
Is it the slow curve
from the side of my abs
they turn into hips
Is it the obscure navel
so easily ignored
Is it
the nonexistent gap
between my thighs
or my eyes?
I’ve always felt they were
plain and dark though my
lashes stood out
proud in an attempt to give
dull eyes a disguise
and make them

Why does he look at me so?
Why does he forgive me
I’ve been caught up in the same habits
My old lover gave up and
left me

He loves me with an uncontrollable
He says His name is love
And that’s the only way I could
understand Him

He said if I up and left
He’d chase me. He would still
want me. He’s wanted me since before
they knew what they would call me
He wants me even though
I’ve decided He can’t have me
He calls me

Our conversation something like:
“Define Yourself! Speak
clearly so I can hear!”
But He whispers back,
love, love, love

He wants me. Down to the curls in
my hair, and the last point before my
nose curves around
Down to the scratch that’s not
visible but still exists even though
it’s healed
Down to the last breath
before the dreams turn on
in my head, seeing bright colors
though my eyeballs have pushed back
how do I see?
my state is “no longer awake”
-His love doesn’t sleep

I will never know as much about myself
as He knows about me
I will never stick to the rules
But no matter how much I fail
His love passes
and He wants me.


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