L12! I know you can hear me! Rise up and come and give your life to JESUS!” The last word was more screamed than shouted. It was followed by a small pause as the two girls caught their breaths. And then the shouting continued.

“You might be a bookworm but Jesus died for you too! You might be fornicating but Jesus still loves you.” An expletive was shot back in response. Audrey and Adelaide turned to each other and shared a mischievous smile. They were having fun!

On the contrary, the members of the rooms on the first floor of Volta hall were fuming. It was close to 4am on Saturday morning. The ladies were not to be woken up. They were not to be spoken to. They desired quiet, calm and privacy, especially after all the drama from Friday night. But they were not going to get it. The Calvary Road fellowship members had begun their usual weekend dawn broadcast.

In room L12, Portia could not believe her ears. Her heart was literally pounding as she stared at the half-dressed young man lying down in her own sheets. She was standing over him on her bed, shaking all over with fear. She strained her neck towards the window by her bed, to see who and who was making such a racket.

Her first thought when she heard her room number being called was that Judgment day was finally here. She had been caught in her sins, sleeping with a man that she was not married to and who was even her friend’s boyfriend. But when she peeped down and saw two girls whose faces looked fairly familiar, she somewhat calmed down. Still standing, she wrapped her arms around her slender body in her nightdress, her straps lying loosely on her shoulders and listened to their sermon.

She did not know how her face got wet. But her hand had reached up several times to dab tears from her eyes. The young man groaned in his sleep and turned himself lazily, deep in sleep and oblivious to what was going on. She stepped off the bed softly and thought to crumble to the floor and cry. She needed Jesus! She was in the wrong. She was a sinner. She wanted help. Something told her to put on her shoes and go downstairs.

“Come down!” was the immediate cry she heard that moment. “Come and be born again today!” She knew it was for her. Before she knew it, she was running, she was down the stairs and she was reciting a sinner’s prayer and crying, crying because she couldn’t believe that she of all people, who hated church, who never wanted to be seen holding a Bible, who always seemed so carefree and who never wanted anything she couldn’t have, had relented and was now born again.


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