Say Something

He said he had
Something to say
Tapping his foot
on the ground
Looking up at me once
And then his eyes
Would dart back
He seemed nervous
He was continuously running hands
Through his hair and
Fidgeting with a box
Or was it a Rubik’s cube?

I was about to walk away
But he began to stutter
He called me saying
“Here’s a book
And these words here
Will show you what I mean!”
I glance momentarily at it
And pick it up and flip
through it
but I don’t quite get it
All the words in it were written by
There was nothing in it
From him
I am puzzled

His eyes were pleading
“Don’t leave!”
But my mind was blank
I was scared of being presumptuous
Scared of getting hurt
Scared of getting tied up
In a place where I once lived

I was shaking my head
It was time that we part
I felt that he might never say what
was really on his heart
But I didn’t quite believe in
The benefit of the doubt

He got down on one knee.

I gasped
And my heart started to thump.

His head dropped
I noticed
One hand was in his pocket
It had been there all this while
And I thought, no
Not me
Not this, not now
Not us

Pulled his hand out
It was shaking
There was something about it

With his other hand, he pulled
Up his sleeves
And stretching out that
arm to me
My eyes as wide as
China plates
He opened up his palm

And in it
Not a rose or a ring
A hole
Wide enough for a finger
To pass through

With a final breath,
As though it took all
his strength
He whispered,
“I did this for you.”


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