Yes. Planes. Again. #blogPost #haventDoneOneOfTheseInAWhile

Maybe you’ve noticed I’m a bit obsessed with the notion of them. Hehe. I have my reasons. I’ll walk you through.

So. Planes. You may or may not have noticed but. They’re rather different from other aircraft. Rockets, space shuttles, helicopters, the like. Because there’s different ways to get up in the air.

One way is to blast off. Up and away, just like that. But planes? They have these things called runways. You know them? Good. That means they take a while to get up in blue skies.

I feel like much of my life has been spent there. Stuck on runways. Left alone on a runway when I thought we were walking this thing together. Never getting to take off and see what heights we could have reached. Together.

Maybe I’m exaggerating. But maybe not.

And maybe you’re that type of person like me, you’re a walking contradiction, you’re both night and day, braking and accelerating, good and evil, lover and hater, hard-working and lazy, silent and outspoken.

You have the initiative to start things but half way through you lose heart. You question too much? You over analyze? And then you stop. You slam the brakes. Enough is enough. But you called it quits too early. You never gave it a chance to fly.

So blackpaperplane is about THAT MOVEMENT. It’s about giving things a chance to fly. Yes those dreams that you want to quench? Because they’re so easy to crush like they’re made of paper and they’re too obscure and no one would really care? Let. Them. Fly. 

I can’t assure you it will work right away. That he or she will finally be the one you’ve waited for. But please.

Keep getting back on a runway. Till. You.

Go beyond a runway.

Because runways exist. In real life, a lot of things don’t just happen. They are not instant. They take time. They take perseverance. Constant hammering. Constant listening. Stop falling into things. Start taking intentional steps. And let God do His part.

God will bring the increase when we sow. God will bring the increase when we water. I’m a believer in things rising out of the invisible and out of nothing. THAT is the God we serve. I’m a bit upset when people grow up and reject God because they have hard questions. You MUST have hard questions. Because there ARE answers. But they’ll only come to those willing to wait and dig them up. Yes God is mysterious. But there is one way to Him through His son Jesus Christ. And there’s a lot of light in this darkness of seeking an invisible all-powerful God. Will you wait till you see it? Or throw in the towel, because something doesn’t work or because it’s hard.

When God does a thing, it will be forever.

Keep that at the back of your mind. So don’t be a quitter. Keep at it. The first plane didn’t take off? Get back on the runway.

God will bring the increase.

God will give the wings. God will give the air.

God will take those things we drove on the ground and get them, into the air. Amen.

I love you and may the Holy Spirit inspire you to keep your dreams AIR-BORNE!



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