No honey. I have wanted to move to LA for a while now, you know that. And the move happened but it wasn’t to Los Angeles. I moved to California to work in Silicon Valley, and lived in the Bay Area which is approximately over 300 miles from Los Angeles (5 hour drive). My dilemma was, do I stay here for a while and serve in the church there or find a means to be in Los Angeles every weekend? The LA church had just began and they needed all the help they could get. More importantly, I felt called to be in LA, I was sent there.

I choose the latter. I found myself straddling two (maybe three) bags every weekend going by bus, or train but most frequently with another pastor who was in the LA branch and whose family lived in LA but who worked up in the Bay Area like I did. California is a long strip of a state, get the picture, we were traveling down that strip on Friday nights right after work and back up on Monday morning, straight into work at times.

It was sweat and tears. I was so fatigued by the whole ordeal, I was hating my life. One night I remember texting a friend while I was sobbing because with no time and no energy to do that much other than go to work, I was struggling emotionally too, even missing my parents (something I have never felt in over 5 years of living on my own). I constantly wrote what I was feeling as I went through it, because it’s the most effort and sacrifice I have ever made to serve God and it won’t go forgotten. At least by me. I hope, by God either, because He is not unrighteous to forget. 

I’m finally in LA and it’s surreal to be honest. I found a job with a startup that makes websites for schools. It truly is as nice as it sounds. So far it’s been good and I’m enjoying it. Plus I’ve found some inexpensive housing to live in, so I can live way below my means (walk in wisdom!) and save like crazy! And build a house soon. 

I’m so hopeful for the future God has for me. Although I haven’t doubted that He loves me in the past, I can say that these days I walk with so much more assurance of His presence. He is ready to save. That’s His job, He told me. 

I mean. I’ve waited for long. I’ve had five different addresses in under eight months and on my sixth one now but not sure how long I’ll be here. I don’t have that settled-in feeling yet. I’m constantly on the move. Driving. A lot. Living out of my suitcases. Trying to keep myself healthy but not hard enough, so I’m gaining some real weight (). 

I’ve given a lot of stuff away. It’s hard to travel with so much stuff and it’s honestly a bother to me. Some of it was easy to do. But giving some stuff made me feel pretty sad. Several pieces of me, and I just kind of, put them to death, you know?

Maybe you don’t know. But that’s deal. It’s been real. On the whole, I’m over the top, excited, blessed, happy, all that stuff. We bless God! I don’t know how but He sure did turn it.


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