This morning as I stared at some messages in my inbox, I noticed how I’ve been apologizing back to back. I felt my apologies sounded pretty pathetic. And how much good can apologies do? They’re so feeble and weak. They are just words and they do not have the power to glean forgiveness from the one I’ve offended.

If he forgives me, it’s not because my apology was powerful. (It’s because he is gracious and has the love of God in him.) 

Apologies are honestly pretty empty. Apologies do not warrant forgiveness. Think about it. Forgiveness can only flow from benevolence and mercy. 

Because vengeance is sweet. 

Evil requires pay-back. It’s just how evil is. Offenses can hardly truly be reversed.

And the evil we do as men, it warrants judgment and repercussions. It warrants death. 

Have you ever asked yourself why people die?  There’s no simple answer to that. But from God’s word, we know that the reason why people die is sin. Death is the payment for sin.

Death was not part of the plan from day one. And as you can see, death presents a huge problem for us humans (for some reason, this is not obvious to people. Many people live without considering death). Death makes foolishness of all we do and gain on earth. 

God’s plan was not to have temporary human beings. The plan was to have humans that would last till eternity. But we are dying- dying on war grounds, dying in hospitals, dying in accidents in the thousands. 

Thus the problem of death had to be solved. How would God solve this? The sins that man has committed against God cannot be reversed. 

So God’s Son had to die. He died to conquer death. He died to single-handedly stand in the place as the punishment for all our sin.  

When we choose to believe that He died for our sins, we are choosing to believe that our righteousness and right standing with God is not as a result of our own good works but because of Christ’s work on the cross.

And so yes, “He died for our sins.” He died for our sins because there was a huge penalty and we couldn’t simply say, “God we’re sorry.” He died because death needed to be conquered once and for all, so life could be restored to us. He died so that the power of sin would die. So that we could live righteous. Our spirits would have new life. We would have life, more abundantly, life everlasting, even into eternity.

Have you ever hurt someone and just wanted to do anything to get them to forgive you?

Forgiveness is so pleasurable. And that’s who God is. He’s an ocean of love and and a sea of forgiveness.

Thank God for forgiveness. Now let’s bask in it.



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