Dang I wish I had a nice family like you do. But then I wonder and quite sincerely, if I would seek God the way I do if I did have that type of family. The dusty roads I walked from the bus stop getting home from school, the time alone I spent instead of talking with my mom because she was a busy single mother, the scanty letters I received from dad because he was a busy expatriate professor whom I barely saw, if those were all removed from life, would I have sought Him? 

My family is all over the place. Three members of it are practically a different race. They’re from Papua New Guinea, funnily enough the place of my birth. A place I have zero connection with and know little about. And those same three I have never met, I don’t plan to meet. I don’t necessarily want these people who have grown up without me to suddenly consider themselves part of my life. That’s a mess and I don’t like it, I don’t want to be involved there. 

But God has had it so. God has placed me here. God has made me born fourth to a man who’s had kids with four women. But God has brought me close. God has bent His head, to incline His ears to my voice. God has had a purpose in everything He did. So I’ll bend my head, I’ll incline my ears, till I hear His voice.


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