Sometimes I just stay silent
I don’t want to pray
I don’t want to continue a religious life
But then
In the silence
You eat at me
You burn inside of me
Till I can’t help but let praise leave my lips
And tears my eyes
Because I belong
I did not choose to be with You
But You wanted me
And You
Purchased with your very own
Crimson flow
I cannot leave
There is nowhere to go
And not height, nor depth
Nor width, nor length,
Nor troubles to come and
Problems that have been
Nor angels or demons,
Things above, things below
Nothing, absolutely nothing can break this hold.
You are the most possessive lover
My choice to be my own
And to say nothing to You
Must be so offensive.
You convict me so.
You won’t leave.
I’ve felt that You haven’t been here
But when I try to leave
You won’t let me either.
Your hold on me is so strong God.

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