Bleed Poems?



They walk not with His promise
They easy
They filthy
They quick
They run with

Remember when I tried to disobey
It was so tasty
For seconds

For hours
It was torture
It was separation from you
And I cried You back to me
In reality
I cried me back to You
I walked away
I stepped out
To birth a few Ishmaels
To find a few Hagars

You’ve never disappointed
You’ve taken your own time
The time on your clock
Probably has more than two hands
Something I won’t understand

We’re laughing
You said you’d do beyond we can see
And hear
Beyond what I can think
You know what I think?

A thousand times over
I’d choose
I’d choose this affliction
And this this suffering
It won’t compare to the
Soon to come
Of glory.


Said to put these beads
But my
hips are curvy enough

Said to work
As hard I can
But my drive
Is gone
Down the

Said to call
But I’m too tired
After work
And it won’t hurt
To sleep

Said to keep
Neat all the time
Like the way
She always has
Make up on
Sorry I’m not made up

She won’t say again
What she said already
So I guess I will be hearing
Over and over
What my mama say.



Too Sober

Clearly when we see clearly
When we graduate
We must find jobs
We must make money
We must fill our homes
With things
We’ve dreamed of
We must find partners
We must exchange rings
We must go into labor
We must birth mini-me’s
We must make them like us
We must give them more than we had
We must show our neighbors
That we are better
We are more beautiful
More intelligent
More prosperous
But that’s water
There’s no taste there

But if and may be if we get a little drunk
We sip on some sweet wine
We’ll spend a little time
Turning the world around
Swaying and stumbling
All over the place
And throwing up

Once upon a time

She was a young girl
Crying because she had kissed a boy
And by that act
She felt she had
Disappointed God

What is God more disappointed in?
Her flashes of immorality
Or her refusal to win souls?

I sit here and a voice within me cries
To the place I will send you.
What does it matter?
Who will know you?
No one.
I will know you
You will please Me.”

A very faint voice
But in the moment when
Everything else quiets up
I hear it.
And I ask myself,
What am I doing here?
When the voice gets stronger
I tremble.

This time
She’s a slightly older girl
Crying because she is walking a path
And she is afraid
That it’s the wrong one
And that she will
Disappoint God.

And all I ask is
Lord please
more Grace.

Luke 12:7

Dad wanted to be a priest
He ended up
Studying law
“Daddy do you think I could be a lawyer
“No, lawyers are poor.”
Making money.
We could keep
But no.
And I’ll have Psalm 14
written on my grave
The numbers on our heads
Are numbered
Our days are accounted
So I’ll end up being a priest
And let God know
I wanted to study Law.
Now it may seem weak
But my Father
promises I’ll never be poor.


No Water

She don’t drink water.

“Daddy please stop smoking”
She said when she was

“Mummy can I tell you what
At school today?”

So when they asked
If they could buy her a drank

She went

Now all she really wants
Is to sit all night
And talk

And touch
Pulled close
She never got any of that

Culture? Being a woman?

Love is worth licking
The bottom of the glass
If your tongue can get that far
Sweet, sticky

“Mummy, look”
But Mummy needs to think

Every sour drop
Must be replaced
With long lasting sugar

Her throat dry

He told her about his family without her asking
And his family asked him to tell her
He needs to be without her
They’re opposites

She introduces herself
And next she mentions
Rides, places, friends, food. Music.

“I know what I want, what I need
I just don’t like the taste of water.”


Ginger Ale

You remind me of some
I got a longing for some
Nothing changed
I’m still a

They drink
From the well
As well
As the river
Most is
Living water
Till she be needing that

She describes
What ails her
She says there’s something
Her deep-down-within
Isn’t right
So she needs a
Sparkling sweet fizzy

Oh dear
We shoulda told you
Don’t sip

He’s Living

Is there a thirst this Water
Cannot subside?
Don’t be giving any
Money or attention elsewhere
Devote your
And gulp
And grab a jug
And fill a barrel
To the brim
And don’t let nothing else
Stir stir
Be filled with
Open your mouth wide
And then shut it.

“Miss, what would you like?
We have erhh ginger-”
She cut him short.
“Water is fine


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