Black Paper Planes?

What is Black Paper Plane?

The Black Paper Plane is you. It’s you reading this. It’s you, the black kid with an education. It’s you who knows how to read and reads, but not often. It’s you, you there, with your aspirations, not to change the world but to change your life. Get off the ground, levitate a little, enjoy the freedom of a sky and forget gravity. It’s you, because in your mind you’re still small. You’re black and you’re not invincible. You’re not undefeatable. You’re not made of metal. You wanna be shiny and hard and unbreakable. You wanna be fast and break records. But even though you’re not quite these things, it doesn’t stop you, you’re taking off, with or without the armor. With or without the ammunition. With the knowledge that attacks will come. Without the fear that attacks will eradicate you. Your identity is not best represented as anything other than moving aircraft. Because you’re airborne, you’re seeking what’s above. You’re not complacent, you’re above ordinaryyou have powerful thoughts and a brave heart. You’re black and it doesn’t stop you. And well at the same time, you’re nothing special. Look, there’s no fuel and there’s nothing fueling you. You have no combustible propelling powerYou’re blown by the wind of the Spirit. That’s why you’re a paper plane, you’re light enough to be moved. You’re featherweight and it’s okay. You still wanna fly. And you’re proud to be you. You’re comfortable. You’re good. You’re standing tall. As what you are and nothing else. A Black Paper Plane.

The Black Paper Plane is a movement. “When you’re in a car or aircraft, you’re asked to switch off your phones. Maybe not anymore because rules are changing. But it interferes with the signals. So when you’re in church, switch off your phone. Lest you interfere with God’s words coming at you. We’re taking off and changing atmospheres here.”   We’re stepping into a plane. We’re boarding that make-believe aircraft. We’re choosing to leave the ground, leave the world behind and be propelled to newness. Feeble it may look. Undignified it may seem. We still board. We’re people of faith. We believe in the make-believe stuff. We’re taking off and we’re abandoning all. We’re choosing to flee. This is our flight from Egypt. This is our air mission. This is us leaving what’s plain and ordinary for what’s everlasting. This is our move. This is our movement.

Lastly, Black Paper Plane is an act of faith. It’s the choice you’ve made to overcome the world. It’s the risk you’re taking to start something new. Your blog, your startup, your new company, your story, your fashion label, your idea. Now. It’s your decision to try.

That’s it. Black Paper Plane. Now it’s appropriate to use the term “Black Paper Plane” in different lights. Such as “Hey I’m a Black Paper Plane”. Or “yo I’m blackpaperplanin’ this right here!” Or even “I’m with The Black Paper Plane.” Begin to blackpaperplane. Saw off the parachute. Yes, you. Jump off and take flight.

Yes our aircraft is black, not white. The world is used to white. But hold on, this is something new. It’s us. We black.

Yes our aircraft is paper, not metal. Our warfare is not physical. And because of the assurance of our invisible armor, we can be comfortable in weakness. His strength is made perfect here. We’re His.

We have nothing to do with perfect.

We have everything to do with aviating, overcoming, levitating, elevating, flying.

And we’ll keep being us. Black Paper Planes.

Matter of fact, we just got started!

Pound your chest. You’re a BPP.

Viva La Black Paper Planes! #thebpp #blackpaper #blackpaperplanes #paperplanes #windblown #spiritled #movement #airmovement #blackmovement #youngandfly #weBPP




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