The Black Missionary

I am not striving to defeat
the African stereotype.
I am not pushing myself in the workplace or
the classroom so I can be the kid who’s achieved
greatness despite being black.
I am The
I’m poor
I’m black (dark-skinned, see this?)
I’m skinny
they say they’re inferior to the white race
Which is why they would have had to prove themselves
In their eyes
So their social class
Would make up for the ebony.
51 shades of black and brown
That God has blessed them with
I won’t apologize
I will bear witness
And identify with
millions with skin like mine
and nothing to brag about.
so few possessions.
I identify with those still hungry
whose school fees was never paid
whose fathers never stayed
they’re all me.
Rather unfortunate how
I’m not extremely efficient and
determined to impress blue-eyed
blue collars
I’m slow
I’m absent-minded
I’m late to everything
I’m black-minded
I’m not out to please
So you can clap because
A Daughter Has Made It
and she’s A Black Woman
Another rare successful minority.
She lost her kinky hair and her braids.
She rocked off tailor made suits and heels.
And all the earth bowed
But the angels frowned.
The new type of black man
doesn’t complain about his race
a race
he’s on a mission
this black man
won’t boot-lick
saying “yes sir”
But “Yes Lord”
his reputation could mean less
he could have less rights
he’s not out to prove himself to you
and while he knows you’re proud of a black president
his devotion is behind closed doors
his energy springs from behind a pulpit, maybe not an oval office
his clap, his dance and the spring in his step
testify there’s an awakening,
an anointing on his head.
Your promotion letter means nothing, mister manager.
he’s already too highly seated in the heavenlies.
You will never see more beautiful than these feet.
your ears will never hear words worth more than
our gospel. A gospel for all. And now men call him-
minister of our God, a reverend worthy of his hire,
a flame of fire, a vessel of honor,
they will make mention of, somewhat surprised
but all the same, privileged to meet
the Black Missionary.

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